Student Testimonials

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The course was stimulating both intellectually and experimentally. We weren’t asked to accept anything without experiencing it for ourselves. The tutor modelled what she taught us so that we worked and learnt in a safe place. Through this experience I was able to imagine how it might feel for clients in the future


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This is not just something I will bring to my work and future career in counselling but also in life. Absolutely fufilling and rewarding.


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I can't think of anything I would change. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and already feel different in myself. I really look forward to continuing this journey.


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I have really felt that Jo and the NWLCT team have been very supportive and adaptive to lockdown and have worked very hard to ensure we still have a good learning experience and that we were able to meet all our criteria and this has been much appreciated. 


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I felt a good balance of structure and flexibility in the course. I felt the tutor maintained a neutral and fair role at all times. And made it fun!


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Everything has been great! I have felt supported throughout - something i know is not always the case on a course like this.


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