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Covid-19 online delivery arrangements

Wooden Tones


We have taken a cautious approach to the pandemic and continue to monitor any changes in case numbers. You can expect to have your temperature taken on arrival at the centre each morning and we ask any candidates who are feeling unwell to take a covid test and at times we may ask for you to wear a mask to class. 

We are committed to face to face delivery however we do  offer 1 X CSKL2 and 1 X CSTL3 via zoom online per year on Saturdays.

Our TCL4 courses are approved by BACP and we provide the first 5 weeks of TCL4 year 2 online, in order to meet requirements for online training delivery. We use these weeks to carry our a mock external assessment, to prepare candidates for this process in term 5.

I have really felt that Jo and the NWLCT team have been very supportive and adaptive to lockdown and have worked very hard to ensure we still have a good learning experience and that we were able to meet all our criteria and this has been much appreciated. 

- Laura, Student.


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