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Covid-19 online delivery arrangements

Wooden Tones


We have taken a cautious approach to the pandemic have been forecasting 6 weeks in advance where we expect to be delivering.

This is to give us time to prepare for the change and to process it within our groups.

At the moment we forecast that in 6 weeks time we will be beginning to phase face to face delivery back in with our TCL4 year 1 courses piloting a safe return. This will include risk assessments and measures in the classroom such a face masks, hand sanitising, distancing and open windows/ doors. 

Level 2 and 3 courses will continue online for the time being. 


This page is updated every Friday.

I have really felt that Jo and the NWLCT team have been very supportive and adaptive to lockdown and have worked very hard to ensure we still have a good learning experience and that we were able to meet all our criteria and this has been much appreciated. 

- Laura, Student.


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