Certificate in Counselling Skills (CSKL2)

This course is suitable for candidates who have some experience in listening to others and would like to expand on their skills and knowledge. If you have been told you are a good listener or would make a good counsellor, this course will give you an overview of how to put your skills into practice safely.

You will learn in more detail how to;

  • Use counselling skills ethically and safely

  • Establish and sustain the boundaries of the helping role

  • Work empathically as a helper

  • Focus on the helpee's needs and concerns

  • Use self awareness in helping work

  • Use a range of counselling skills to facilitate the helping interaction

  • Use feedback and reflection to enhance counselling skills


Additional entry requirements

You do not need a formal prior qualification, although you may have taken the introduction course which will give you a head start in building your portfolio. Entry by application form - this helps us to make sure this is the right course for you and to plan for your learning.

Awarding body

Counselling & Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body

Course dates:

Level 2 course (24 weeks):

  • 2020 dates TBC.

Fast track Level 2 and 3 courses (can be completed within one year):

  • September 2020 dates to be confirmed.

Information sheet and application form:

                             Information sheet CSKL2                                                   Application form CSKL2

Applications can be made by sending the above, completed, application form to admin@nwlct.london